Three Ways to Look Amazing in a Cheap Suit


We’re not all millionaires, obviously, so we can’t all afford tailor made suits. Sticking to the budget kind is better for a number of reasons, but how do you make it look good? Here’s our key tips on how to make a cheap suit look good. 

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The suit. The masculine equivalent of the LBD. Simple, stylish, timeless. The quintessential ingredient of an adult male’s wardrobe, and for good reason. But with every trend, there are rules to making it work, even on a budget.

Not all of us are able to afford a well tailored suit, designed around our specific measurements. So we have to make do with what we can. But how do you pull it off? Check out the Idle HQ’s guide on how to make a cheap suit look good.


Not to be biased or anything, but my wardrobe is almost entirely black. It’s my favourite colour to wear. Even the cheap blazer jackets I bought when I first started to take an eclectic approach to my wardrobe, are all black. Why? By staying away from loud colours, you will inevitably take attention away from the cheapness of the fabric, especially at a party or club environment.

If you’re not looking to splash out on a big brand suit, stick with basic black. A dark suit is an obvious choice for a classic silhouette, and will undoubtedly go with more things, will be more adaptable, and will not stay hanging in your closet smelling like regret.

The colour will push your suit into the background as you liven up your outfit with snazzier accessories. A black suit, like this jacket and trouser combination, will give the impression that you are well dressed and confident, and will not risk making you look garish or poorly styled. Black may seem like a simple choice, but it marks out the individual. And remember that there is nothing sexier than a man in black.


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I have always been one to stress the importance of taking care of your clothes. I am faithful when it comes to my clothes and I have taken years to accumulate them. Therefore I like to spoil them by taking them to the dry-cleaners every once in a while to keep them looking good and thus, keeping me looking good for when I most need it.

I was stunned at how good a poor quality (black) suit, that I bought from a low quality brand, looked after I had had it dry-cleaned; it looked even better than it did in store. Taking a suit to the dry-cleaners roughly every six months (depending on how often you wear it of course) is of the upmost importance, as it will keep your suit looking clean, sleek and new. It will also get rid of that sweaty smell that you think people can’t notice when covered with aftershave.

Another thing to consider is to be sure to brush your suit down after a night-out. You should also hang it up and clean or wet any damaging stains. If you save only one thing from entering the chairdrobe before hitting the hay, make it your suit.

The worst thing to see the-morning-after-the-night-before is a sad, crinkly suit. I would also advise not to take your suit into a potentially dangerous environment, such as a room full of drunk people. To speak from experience, only in your head do drunk people offer to pay the dry-cleaning bill for the bloody wine stain they inadvertently splashed over your immaculately dressed person. Only in your head does the offending party wait for you to decline the offer as you gracefully accept. When it comes to a suit: love it, clean it, keep it away from the bad people.



As a woman, I always appreciate it when a man knows how to accessorise his outfits, without my telling him what to do. However, I also like a man who listens to my advice. Referring back to my black is best paragraph, a man in a black suit/black shirt combo, would be the guy who gets my attention.

But I would also suggest investing in a quality watch and cufflinks to wear with said combo. I am also partial to the occasional waistcoat. It’s amazing how quality accessories, most likely given as birthday or Christmas presents, can really smarten up an outfit and make you look good on a budget.

Whenever I go out in the evening, I wear my designer watch and ring, both of which were given to me. I tend to think a piece of quirky jewellery really brings a certain uniqueness to an outfit. But if you want to go for completely effortless style, be the one in the hat.


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Final Word

One last word of advice boys: don’t buy ugly ties, iron your shirts and take care to properly fold over your collars after every suit-on/suit-off scenario. Key tips for anybody who wants to suit-up à la Bateman.

This article originally appeared on The Idle Man.


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